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Great Ideas for Christmas Decorating & Holiday Entertaining

Christmas Decorating: The Christmas Wreath
& Holiday Flower-Arranging

Nothing puts us in the holiday spirit quite like Christmas decorating. The custom of decking the home with holly, ivy, mistletoe and other evergreens harks back to the time when these plants were believed to have magical powers. Today, they still hold the magic of transforming our homes into a holiday wonderland. "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday Design" presents an hour packed with creative ideas to spice up your Christmas decorating.

The Christmas wreath:

The holiday season starts at the front door...with a beautifully decorated Christmas wreath but who says it has to be round! In "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday Design" you'll see a range of design possibilities from rectangular to diamond-shaped. Your Christmas decorating should reflect your own sense of style. This Christmas decorating and holiday entertaining video features an entire segment on Christmas decorating with the Christmas wreath. Dress-up a store-bought wreath with berries, rose hips and seedpods from the winter garden. Then add lemons from the supermarket! But how do you get them to stay on the wreath; and how do you get them to last the entire holiday season? That's just one of the many Christmas decorating tricks-of-the-trade we present in the "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday design" video.

Get inspired to with creative Christmas decorating and holiday entertaining ideas. Don't forget to visit or Holiday Entertaining page for spectacular party ideas.

The story of the Christmas wreath:

The Christmas wreath, hung on your front door, extends a warm welcome to your guests and a special greeting to all who pass by. Did you know that the wreath of evergreens goes back to early civilizations? In the "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday Design" video, you'll learn what the wreath symbolized in ancient times. Visit our Christmas Tree Decorating page for more Christmas history.

Holiday flower-arranging 101!

Supermarket flowers! What a marvelous modern-day convenience! They're inexpensive. They're lovely and...they're available year-round. During the holidays, you can buy a ready-made bouquet, stick it in a vase and... Voila! Instant holiday floral arrangement! But why stop there? Be creative! Be bold! Get inspired with this Christmas decorating video!

We'll show you how you can take those same supermarket flowers and transform them into a truly dramatic holiday display. In this Christmas decorating video, you'll see professional floral designers do exactly that! See how easy it is to add no-cost plant material from the garden. Bare branches, dried leaves and seedpods can be used au naturel or spray-painted to complement your holiday color theme. You'll learn how to open up a tightly closed rose and other floral design tricks. The "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday Design" video offers a treasury of creative ideas to help you make stunning floral arrangements, whether for the foyer, for the fireplace or for your dinner table.

Fresh flowers...or "silk"? Why not combine the two! That's the way the design pros do it. Holiday "silk" florals add that special sparkle to your Christmas decorating. Whether it's a velvet magnolia blossom outlined in gold, or a white organza poinsettia with iridescent sparkle. Combining "silk" and fresh flowers makes your Christmas decorating richer and more interesting.

Recycle your old Christmas Tree ornaments:

For that finishing touch in your holiday floral arrangements...add a Christmas tree ornament! This is a great way to recycle those damaged ornaments you don't have the heart to throw out. But there's a floral design trick to making those ornaments stay in place. This Christmas decorating and holiday entertaining video shows you how to do it. In "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday Design", floral designers take the mystery out of flower arranging. You'll learn the tips, the tricks and the short cuts to making beautiful holiday arrangements of your own.

Christmas holly - is it real or is it fake?

Do you remember those tacky Christmas arrangements made of plastic poinsettias or ugly fabric flowers? A thing of the past! Manufacturers are now producing holiday greens and flowers that look more realistic than ever! Pine branches with a dusting of snow. Holly and flowers with dewdrops. Christmas decorating and holiday "silk" flowers go hand in hand. Rich, velvet hydrangeas, dogwood blossoms made of gold organza; today's holiday "silk" florals are just too beautiful not to be included in your Christmas decorating plans. In "Christmas Decorating: The Art of Holiday Design", you'll see how professional floral designers use these beautiful holiday florals to add sparkle to their Christmas decorating. With this Christmas decorating video, you will be inspired to include them in your holiday garlands, Christmas wreaths or tabletop centerpieces...even in your Christmas tree! Visit our Christmas Tree Decorating page for more Christmas decorating ideas.

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